We're glad you want to connect with others on the WikiHouse Slack. Before you do, there is some basic house keeping.
Communication for Global Projects

A brief introduction guide to connect with WikiHouse projects and people around the globe
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Add this description to your Slack profile so others can see what you like to do and what your relationship is to the WikiHouse project. "I am a designer and found out about WikiHouse through a friend, I hope to add new designs to the WikiHouse library of designs".
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As part of our effort to encourage and support diversity, we want to be able to measure the gender balance of WikiHouse Contributors. This helps us work towards having a level playing field that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks {{answer_37237814}}. Now that's out of the way, let's give you the low down.

We’re glad you want to connect with the rest of the WikiHouse Contributors. Many people are either planning, in the process of, or currently building using a WikiHouse system. In our Slack group, you will meet people & learn new things that will help you start to develop & test WikiHouse in your local community.

Slack allows communication across the globe through a single channel. Inviting a diverse range of users from architects, community activists, hackers, and designers. Everyone brings different but valuable insights to the WikiHouse conversation.

Expectations. Having a lot of different people in one space is a great thing. It can also cause misunderstandings. That's why we like to be clear about the expectations from the get go.

Do your homework. Take time to look at previously discussed topics and conversations to find answers to initial questions you may have (Slack has great search functions). Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask the question in #new-member-welcome *

Everyone is right but only in part. This is a core value of the WikiHouse Foundation. Having empathy and understanding each other is a key part of successful collaboration. While one thing may be true for your situation, it may not be a reality for someone else. Be respectful of others. *

Exclusively inclusive. Slack is an open, public channel available for anyone to join. Please be mindful that there will be people of mixed abilities, some highly knowledgable in technical aspects of the project and others less so. *

WikiHouse Communities Slack is not a project management tool, it's a way to connect. Our R&D community, which includes many members of Slack, happens on another platform. For more information on this see download our Community Handbook from our website.

Correction isn’t rejection. Sometimes there will be critique given. On the internet it's easy to react based on emotion. We expect everyone to assume people have good intentions. We are on the same team. Tackling the same problems and challenges. Hear the critique, ask if it can improve your work, then respond. *

Not tolerated. If, for some reason, you go to the 'dark side', it's important to know we have no tolerance for any personal attacks on any of our channels. You will be immediately removed from Slack. *

This includes spam, inappropriate or offensive comments, harassment, and non-stop self-promotion.

Once you join, introduce yourself on the #new-member-welcome channel and populate your Slack profile with any info about you and what you enjoy doing.

This is great for existing members to see. They might have similar interests or challenges as you. Summarising this in your Slack profile and a post is helpful for everyone.
After submitting this form, you will receive an email with a link. This will give you access to the Contributors Slack group. Once you have joined, introduce yourself. Everyone is nice and friendly :).

CHANNELS. The WikiHouse Contributors Slack has a number of channels. You may only want to join a few to keep noise to a minimum. There are standard channels for everyone, these are highlighted in bold.

#general #new-member-welcome #hardware-dev #software-dev #news

It is crucial that you read and understand our Terms of Use before joining the Slack group. Please read and consider the following terms:

http://bit.ly/2gbgxhm *

Questions or suggestions? If you have any questions or suggestions about this form and on-boarding process, just leave a comment below. We're always listening for ways to improve. Otherwise feel free to skip this section.

Thanks again {{answer_37237814}}. If you had some suggestions to improve this process, when necessary, we will be in touch to follow up.

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